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in     by Adam Cross 01/03/2017

Young adulthood can be hard. It’s this huge chunk of time where you have to almost entirely pull your life together. During this time after high school you are expected to 1. Figure out your vocation and what you will do for the REST OF YOUR LIFE 2. Get an education accordingly. 3. Be able to support yourself in some way, and 4. Start a family (If God so calls you to the married life). That’s a lot!!!

On top of all this, you are expected to do it on your own. Wait, actually, that is what a lot of us are told. “Do it your own way”, “just be you”, “make your own path”, and yet I honestly don’t think most of us have any clue about what that looks like! Luckily as Catholics we are not called to make our own path, we are called to follow His path. Christ calls us now and always to follow Him. This is exactly what Third Ministries is all about. Third Ministries exists to build and strengthen real and authentic Catholic community. Because in reality, we can’t do it on our own. We need support and most importantly we need our Father.

Third Ministries is here to support you during these years of search and discovery as disciples all walking on the same journey towards our heavenly father. We invite you to walk with us as disciples of Christ in our beautiful Catholic faith. We offer many events and opportunities for community, prayer, and catechesis. Please share with us your prayer requests and know that Third Ministries puts God first, others second and continuously remembers “I am Third” in loving and following Christ.

Adam Cross is a Youth Minister in SoCal and has his Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Adam works with teens in ministry and also works in the field of psychotherapy through Stillpoint Family Resources. Adam is active in youth and young adult ministry in the Ventura County region and has a love for Apologetics, the New Evangelization,  and integrating  theology and psychology.